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List of presentations:

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Related policy documents with the team member contributions:

  1. White-paper
  2. Map of challenges in Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  3. e-IRG Cloud Computing for research and science, October 2012
  4. Advances in Clouds Research in Future Cloud Computing, Expert Group report, October 2012


Part of the above papers are also reported in the list of papers related to mOSAIC project, MODAClouds project or SPECS project. The reasons are the followings:

  1. one technical objective of AMICAS is to improve the platform of mOSAIC with new features that were not scheduled in the FP7 mOSAIC project and are reported in the above papers;
  2. mOSAIC platform is partially used in FP7 MODAClouds and SPECS, respectively H2020 DICE and CloudLightning, for their runtime engines
  3. part of the co-authors were/are involved in mOSAIC/MODAClouds/SPECS/CloudLightning/DICE and not in AMICAS.

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